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Natascha Breda
Email : info@nbodesigns.nl
Phone: +31650207164


I am Natascha Breda, I work as a fashion designer for my fashion label NBO Designs.

NBO Designs is an exclusive fashion label for woman’s clothing.

As a little girl sitting in my room, drawing dresses. Using the sewing machine from my mother, I always had that one thing on my mind, making beautiful dresses for woman and become a fashion designer.
Later I started at the fashion academy Marja van Riel, styling and design and to upgrade my knowledge over the years I went to a fashion academy in Rotterdam.

The style I use in my designs is highly feminine.
I love to give woman that extra power and beauty when wearing my clothing.

Each design is handmade with carefully selected fabrics. From each design there are only three pieces available in my shop, so it stays exclusive.

I get my inspiration from traveling and visiting Old Cities, going for a walk looking at all the wonderful people around me, reading poems, surrounding myself with flowers and classic music.  Looking at Old movies, listening to stories people tell me, there is so much beauty in the world to get inspiration from and I hope with my designs you get that little bit of extra feeling of happiness and beauty.

I also make special designs to your request, if you have an idea I will be glad to help you with making your design reality.

Just sent me an email to info@nbodesigns.nl and I will contact you for an appointment in my studio in Rotterdam.


On the catwalk during RDV Fashion Event, showing my collection “Fallen Angel”


“Fallen Angel” Collection by NBO Designs


“Fallen Angel” Collection by NBO Designs


“Fallen Angel” Collection by NBO Designs